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The Snow Cow

Look at the picture of the cow on the left. Is that blood dripping from her lips? It is.

It all started with my mother. She was an intrepid mountain-walker (on her last trip she had to be lifted off the mountain by helicopter) but she had one weakness: she was afraid of cows. So I wrote a story about a carnivorous cow to cheer her up.

This was the genesis of "The Snow Cow: Ghost Stories for Skiers", a collection of short stories set in ski resorts. Not everything is a ghost story. Some of them are simply macabre, or sinister, or dark comedies, and only the title story is about cows. Indeed, if you look at them in the right way, many of them are about love.


The Snow Cow



The Long Man


Miss Poyser


Cold Preserves

Not This Time

Dougie Lewis

Dorian Gray


All Souls’ Day

"The Snow Cow" came out in 2009. One reviewer said:

“These stories raise deeper philosophical, epistemological, and in many cases, theological questions. So there are mysteries within mysteries here, and I am thus still thinking about many of these stories (just because they are great stories) and still reflecting on the deeper mysteries they raise (because they are such haunting questions in humanity's bigger search for answers). Highly recommended!”

"The Snow Cow" is available in paperback or as an e-book.

Visit the Snow Cow web site and experience it for yourself.